Sunday, May 10, 2009

Booty Camp Potty Training Program Now Available on DVD!

As seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, The Today Show, The Doctors, and in the Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, and

Booty Camp®, a potty training method like no other, is now available on DVD!

Booty Camp®’s simple approach to tackling one of parenting’s most challenging tasks is the secret to its success. Through the instructional DVD/CD set and tools you will learn easy steps to ensure successful potty training.

This easy-to-follow and convenient to implement potty training program will give you the tools to teach your child the skills needed to master the potty on his or her own.

The Booty Camp® Potty Training Method Features

· Over 60 minutes of video instruction based on the acclaimed personalized training featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, in People Magazine, Chicago Tribune,, and on ABC,CBS, and NBC!
· A supplemental CD to listen to the instruction on the go
· Instruction Manual offering step-by-step support
· Supplemental directions for training Children with special needs
· Colorful laminated flashcard reminders to aid you in the training process
· Positive recognition tools including tattoos, stickers and a Reward Ribbon for Potty Successes!

Booty Camp®’s Potty Training Philosophy

Sweeney's training and coaching philosophy is built on the premise that once a child learns the tools they need to succeed they will experience personality improvements, heightened independence, and a willingness to try other tasks.

The same child will then have better responses toward parental instruction as a direct result of an increased sense of pride, confidence and self esteem. Sweeney's training and coaching accommodates children with special needs as well as those of developmentally on-target needs.

Tips For A Confident, Empowered, Problem-Solving Kid!

1. Tell a child exactly what they need to know to succeed and how to reach their goals.
2. Give a child all the answers if you want them to be smart.
3. Teach a child to work through frustrating situations. It will empower them to take risks and problem solve.
4. The responsibility of an adult is to teach a child critical thinking. This will enable them to make the best choices for themselves when they are older.
5. Parenting is not a collaboration of a child and parent always making decisions together.’s DVD instruction is both Comprehensive and Interactive

The Booty Camp® DVD covers the entire potty training process, including set-up of the training area, supplies necessary for a positive outcome, visual and verbal cues that the parent provides for the child, behavioral troubleshooting techniques, directions for how to respond to accidents, how to reward successes and how to build the training into the ongoing routine of the child’s life.

It is completely interactive, allowing you to jump to any section or particular point of training you want to review. It is the first of its kind and we are very proud to bring it to you.

Professionals Love the Booty Camp® Method!

"Being a pediatric nurse in a leading Children's hospital in the midwest for 20 years has exposed me to many parent/child training programs, but the Booty Camp Potty Training program has my highest regard for its unparalleled success rates! It's a one-of-a-kind program that WORKS!" ----Dolores Cupuro, GI RN

“Finally, an overwhelmingly effective approach to potty training everyone can walk away from feeling good about! Perfect for most kids, this approach is especially helpful for any child who faces obstacles.” ------Ann Keating, BS,RN

"I love this program and the philosophy behind it. After months of frustration, my son was potty trained in just a week using Wendy's plan. I recommend Booty Camp to everyone!" ----Angela Kisner, MPT

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Expert Instruction

Wendy Sweeney, RN, Founder of Booty Camp® Method

Potty Training expert for over 11 years, Sweeney, an RN who is herself a mother of six, has helped thousands of families and children nationally with potty training and behavioral modification. She provides specialized personal instruction for ages 2-1/2 years and older as well as providing parental coaching.

Her expertise has been sought by celebrities as well as local families across the nation. Sweeney also provides support for school districts and state early intervention programs and has recently been working in tandem with a number of therapeutic centers providing support for Children with special needs.

Sweeney is a graduate of Triton College School of Nursing and has specialties in both pediatric and neonatal intensive care. During her 13 years as a Registered Nurse, Wendy worked for several Chicago area hospitals including prestigious Loyola University Hospital.

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